Toronto Premix Logo

November 15th - November 16th 2019

An urban mission designed to create a disciple-making movement for Jr. High students

Premix is a two-day interactive and hands-on urban mission experience design to equip, train and inspire grade 6-8 youth to 'center their lives within the mission and message of Jesus'. Each Premix participant will receive in-depth training each day be engaged in afternoon mission opportunities within Scarborough and be part of large group celebration gatherings.

Friday PM: Encountering God's Love Learn More Training Focus God has poured out his love on us, giving us a new heart of love for him and others.

Friday PM: Learn More Meeting people through Jesus' eyes Training Focus Jesus gives us a new perspective to see and serve people through eyes of compassion.

Saturday AM: Care through listening and learning Learn More Training Focus When we realize God's love for us, it becomes our motive to actively care and listen to others.

Saturday AM & PM: Learn More Connect with God's community Training Focus Jesus becomes real to us in a community that lives and loves like him.

Saturday AM: Share God's truth Learn More Training Focus God has given us an amazing and true story which expresses his love for us.

Saturday PM: Learn More Follow Jesus' Mission Training Focus Jesus calls us to live his mission in our everyday life.

First Alliance Church
3250 Finch Ave E, Scarborough, ON M1W 2Y1
(416) 494-3269

The Core Team

  • Sue Banik (Youth Unlimited, Toronto)
  • Mike Wong (Logos Church, Toronto)
  • Nicky Laxon-Ward (First Alliance Church,Toronto)
  • Rob Tyo (Carruthers Creek Community Church, Ajax)
  • Sarah Burton (Wesley Chapel & Youth Unlimited, Toronto)