Toronto Premix Logo

November 2020

An urban mission designed to create a disciple-making movement for Jr. High students

Premix is a two-day interactive and hands-on urban mission experience design to equip, train and inspire grade 6-8 youth to 'center their lives within the mission and message of Jesus'. Each Premix participant will receive in-depth training each day be engaged in afternoon mission opportunities within Scarborough and be part of large group celebration gatherings.

Friday PM: Encountering God's Love Learn More Training Focus God has poured out his love on us, giving us a new heart of love for him and others.

Friday PM: Learn More Meeting people through Jesus' eyes Training Focus Jesus gives us a new perspective to see and serve people through eyes of compassion.

Saturday AM: Care through listening and learning Learn More Training Focus When we realize God's love for us, it becomes our motive to actively care and listen to others.

Saturday AM & PM: Learn More Connect with God's community Training Focus Jesus becomes real to us in a community that lives and loves like him.

Saturday AM: Share God's truth Learn More Training Focus God has given us an amazing and true story which expresses his love for us.

Saturday PM: Learn More Follow Jesus' Mission Training Focus Jesus calls us to live his mission in our everyday life.

The Core Team

  • Sue Banik (Youth Unlimited, Toronto)
  • Mike Wong (Logos Church, Toronto)
  • Nicky Laxon-Ward (First Alliance Church,Toronto)
  • Sarah Burton (Wesley Chapel & Youth Unlimited, Toronto)